Truck Name: Black Stallion
Owner: Michael Vaters
Hometown: Hagerstown, Maryland
Vehicle Body: 2008 Ford F-150
Engine: 557 CI block Ford, Blown/Alcohol injected
Transmission: C-6 with Fro Fab transfer case
Tires: Goodyear 66x43x25
Shocks: Custom 4” diameter King Shocks designed by Michael Vaters
Suspension: 4-link suspension with custom built sway bars
Axles: 106 Clark Planataries
Height: 11 feet
Width: 12 feet
Weight: 9500 lbs
     2008 marks the Black Stallions’ 26th year in monster truck competition.  Michael Vaters driving the Black Stallion has watched the monster truck industry evolve from crawling over junk cars into the competitive, wild and high flying motor sport that it is today.  In 1985 the Black Stallion was one of about only 12 trucks in competition at that time a few being  Big Foot, Bear Foot, King Kong and Sampson.
     Michael Vaters has had to overcome many obstacles as this motor sport has developed over the years.  He has had to design his truck and re-invent the wheel so to speak in order to stay competitive while always searching for ways to make the Black Stallion go faster, fly higher and withstand more punishment.      
Michael Vaters’ Black Stallion Monster Truck Highlights:
  • * Seven time USHRA Thunder Nationals champion
  • * Five time USHRA World Finalist
  • * Six time Monster Spectacular champion
  • * Finished third in freestyle competition out of the 20 best trucks in the country at the televised 2005 Monster Jam World Finals in Las Vegas
  • * The first monster truck to successfully jump another monster truck driving    forward in 1999
  • * First truck to successfully jump another monster truck driving in reverse setting a world record distance of 70 feet in 2002 at Indianapolis, Indiana.

Michael Vaters

     Michael Vaters driving the Black Stallion has thrilled and awed fans across the nation and in Canada with his favorite competition “freestyle.”  Vaters’ wild and crazy driving style which always pushes the limits has earned him his nickname the “wild child” by promoters and fans alike.  Over the years, spectators have been thrilled and awed by Mike's fearless display of high flying leaps, unbounded wheel stands, and whirling donuts. Mike's inherent backwards leap across a line of junk cars, the "reverser" is a classic in his performances.  Vaters is famous in the monster truck world for always putting on a great show for the fans. He always is thinking of ways to go faster, fly higher, or do it better. Mike is a true kid at heart. These characteristics ensure that Mike Vaters and the Black Stallion will be around for years to come to entertain and thrill the fans.

Member of the Monster Truck Racing Association

updated 5/25/11

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