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Reading PA – Reading Fair
August 11, 2011

  Photo by Jenny Pitz

     The Black Stallion team traveled to the Reading Fair again this year for a night of monster competition and thrills.  The Black Stallion, Iron Warrior and Higher Education were all on hand to thrill the fans for the two-night event.  Thursday night Tracey in Higher Education took the racing win after eliminating both Vaters and Myers in the elimination rounds.  The Bus also soared its way vertical to take home the wheelie win too.  Michael Vaters in the all Ford Powered K&N Black Stallion took 2nd place in the crowd cheer off for his sky wheelie.  Jimmy behind the wheel of Higher Education swept the competition when he took the monster freestyle win.

Photo by Jenny Pitz

Friday night the stands were packed and ready for a second night of high-octane monster action.  Higher Education started off with the wheelie win with the Stallion coming in second.  Michael Vaters in the Black Stallion worked his way through the elimination rounds to take the racing championship for the night.  In monster freestyle Higher Education tore up the track getting huge air as it launched off the obstacles.  The Black Stallion also put on a great show displaying his many years of driving experience.  In the end the crowd awarded Jimmy Tracey in the Higher Education the freestyle win with Vaters coming in a close second.

Photo by Jenny Pitz
     The team stayed late into the night to meet the fans and sign autographs.  When the trucks were loaded back up Vaters and Myers traveled North on to the Lebanon Country Fair in CT for a show the following day.  Jimmy Tracey drove south to Charlotte NC for a show there.

Lebanon CT – Lebanon Country Fair

August 13, 2011

  The Lebanon CT fans came out in full force for the show on Saturday night.  Michael Vaters won two out of three races behind the wheel of the Black Stallion earning the racing win for the event.  The Warrior and Stallion both went vertical launching off the car stacks for their shot at the wheelie competition but it was the all Ford Powered K&N Black Stallion that won the crowd cheer off.  Michael Vaters let it all hang out pushing the Black Stallion to the limits in monster freestyle.  He put huge air under the truck defying gravity as he hit each obstacle and tore up the track.  The crowd was ecstatic with excitement and gave the freestyle win to Vaters. 


Charlotte NC – Charlotte Motor Speedway

August 13, 2011

Photo By Dustin Hart

Ten of the top trucks in monster truck competition was at the Charlotte Motor Speedway competing with Jimmy Tracey Higher Education.  The line up was;  Avenger, Brutus, Circle K Thirstbuster, Equalizer, Hot Tamale, Mopar Magic, Samson, Stone Crusher and War Wizard.  Over 25,000 spectators attended the event and in order to allow every fan to meet the drivers and get their autographs the pre-show pit party lasted almost 3 hours.  Jimmy had some mechanical problems with the bus and wasn’t able to compete for the rest of the show.  Hot Tamale won racing and Avenger took the freestyle win.


Smethport PA – McKean County Fair

August 16, 2011

     Vaters and the team including Trey Myers in Iron Warrior, Jimmy Tracey in Higher Education and Razin Kane were on hand for the monster competition at the McKean County Fair in Smethport PA.  The wheelie contest was crazy as each truck took their shot trying to get the biggest air.  It was a very close call determining the results of the crowd cheer-off but Tracey in Higher Education was ultimately given the win with the Stallion coming in 2nd.  In round one racing Black Stallion eliminated teammate Higher Education and Warrior beat out Razin Kane.  In the loser round Cool Bus beat Razin Kane giving him the 3rd place racing win.  In the finals Black Stallion took the racing win after beating Trey Myers in the Iron Warrior.  The crowd roared their approval from the stands as each truck came out onto the track to show off their stuff in monster freestyle.  Afterwards the crowd had a hard time determining the winner in the cheer off and finally a tie was called between Michael Vaters in the all Ford Powered K&N Black Stallion and Jimmy Tracey in Higher Education. 


Englishtown NJ – Raceway Park

August 17, 2011

The Vaters’ team Black Stallion, Iron Warrior and Higher Education traveled to Englishtown NJ again this year to compete against Grave Digger, Iron Man, Maximum Destruction, Monster Mutt, Big Foot, Viper and War Wizard.  Iron Warrior made it to the semi-finals by beating both Iron Man and Higher Education.  Unfortunately Myers wasn’t able to keep his winning momentum up and lost to Digger in a very close finish.  Grave Digger took home the racing win and Maximum Destruction took the freestyle win.

Higher Education vs Iron Warrior;


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Michael Vaters Builds Monster School Bus Called Higher Education

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